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New MacBreak podcast from Leo and friends

David Chartier

Yet another vidcast (and site) from Leo and friends has launched in the iTMS by the name of MacBreak (iTMS link). Its inaugural episode stars Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Amber MacArthur and a new face in the Leo party: Emery Wells. This first episode is roughly 30 minutes of video coverage from the Macworld Expo floor, with the gang running around checking out iPod accessories, the Best in Show software award winners, AJA video cards, new iLife goodness and, of course, the new Intel Macs. I actually thought the Mac section was a bit interesting, as Leo interviews an Apple rep on the new MacBook Pros and tosses a few curve balls, giving the rep a good run for his money.

It's a great first episode, and the vidcast as a whole shows a lot of potential. It's very well produced (thanks to Alex and the Pixel Corps, maybe?), with great special effect transition goodness and a professional flow not found in many other podcasts. Definitely check it and their site out, as I'm sure there is much to come.

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