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TUAW Tip: you can rotate windows, too

David Chartier

For today's TUAW Tip, I thought I'd build on Scott's tip yesterday (concerning the Application Switcher) with a simple tip about cycling windows, not applications. Many of us know (or will soon) that using cmd - tab will switch between applications, but plenty of users still haven't discovered the wonders of cmd - ` (the key right above tab), which allows you to switch between windows within an application. So if you, for example, have a few documents open in Word, cmd - ` will easily let you switch between just those documents, without having to bother with any other windows and apps you have open.

One catch: this works in most apps such as browsers, iChat and even iPhoto, but not in a select few, such as Photoshop. In fact: if anyone knows how to cycle windows in Photoshop, please sound off in the comments.

Now that you're armed with both cmd - tab and cmd - `, virtually no window is safe from your view. Combine this trick with a little Exposé action and you could obtain the ranking of "OS X window management ninja."

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