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DISH Network HD lineup expands

Kevin C. Tofel

We heard it was coming; perhaps it already arrived and we missed it? DISH has their expanded HD packages on their site today. Rumor had it that February 1st was the day and well looky here: today's the day! The new packages have an Olympic theme as in DishHD Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Ok, there's no platinum medal in the Olympics but we think there should be. Prices range from $49 a month to $99 a month and these packages bundle the HD programming with the non-HD programming. Locals are still extra and are available in high-def based on your location.

The $99 package includes all of the DISH HD channels along with 180 other channels and all four premium movie packages; not a bad deal. With 23 HD channels in the Bronze package and 25 in the Platinum, DISH is making quite an HD statement to their "friends" over at DIRECTV! Who's upgrading?

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