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Duke Nukem Forever "in full production"

Ross Miller

Yes, folks, it's still alive and kicking - everyone's favorite vaporware is "in full production" according to George Broussard, co-founder of 3D Realms. In an interview with 1up, towards the end, Broussard chats about the status of Duke Nukem Forever, the unfortunately-apt title to the game over a decade in development. Hail to the King, baby!

According to Broussard, "there's a lot that's finished. All the guns are finished. Most of the creatures are finished...we're just basically pulling it all together and trying to make it fun."

So, there you have it, an actual status update on Duke Nukem Forever. If they get their act together, 2006 may be the year pigs fly - then again, we predicted that Duke Nukem Forever still would not come out in 2006, and whose to argue with us?

[via Voodoo Extreme; image taken from the 2001 trailer]

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