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iPod appears in Ford ad


The practice of aligning your own product with another cool device is nothing new. Check out this ad for the Ford Fusion. It starts, oddly enough, with a full-on shot of an iPod. Some sort of odd "bubbles" float out of the iPod, through the air and eventually into the Fusion, as if to say, "Watch as the iPod's 'coolness' is transferred into our car."

It's Ford's intention to reach that coveted 25-35 year old demographic with the spot, and "...[it] plays into that generation's love of technology and their love of music. Also, the iPod is so iconic that people stop to watch the ad," says Linda Perry-Lube, car communications manager for Ford. So now the iPod itself is being used to sell other items. As Slate notes, " [that's] because people think it's a new iPod ad."

So, what's the effect on you, the consumer? Does the Fusion seem cooler, or does the iPod seem less so having been pawned out like this?

[Via AdJab]

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