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Capcom and Ubisoft partner to port to PC

As suspected, Capcom's mega-hit Resident Evil 4 will be making its way, from its roots on the Gamecube and subsequently the PS2, to the PC. It's not going alone though: Capcom's Onimusha 3 and Devil May Cry 3 will be along for the ride, and Ubisoft will be handling the distribution of all three titles. Hopefully the games will enjoy a high-res makeover before their release, instead of standard-definition ports with PS2 textures.

Here's the part where both companies gush about how thrilled -- errr, apologies, it appears they are both excited, not thrilled -- to be working with one another on this historic event.

Ubisoft: "Ubisoft is excited to be bringing three of the industry's most innovative titles, including Resident Evil 4... to PC gamers around the world."

Capcom: "Capcom is excited to be taking advantage of Ubisoft's global distribution network to deliver our hottest titles for gamers around the world to play and enjoy,"

This can be roughly translated the following way:

A corporate boardroom. Afternoon. Two anthropomorphised corporations sit across a meeting table; their hands almost touching, their eyes locked.

UBISOFT: I'm so excited! Think about it: your games, my distribution. We're perfect for each other.

CAPCOM: No, I'm way more excited to be working with you! You're French... and sophisticated.

UBISOFT: You're sweet, but really, I'm soooo excited. I can't wait to get your games out to gamers to game with all around the world.

CAPCOM: I'm excited infinity plus one!

[Thanks, JamesO]

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