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February: a time for surrealism

Jennie Lees

In Europe, this February is going to be weird; it will see a surfeit of quirky, off-the-wall titles, as this article in the Guardian explains. This month's releases include Psychonauts, Shadow of the Colossus, We Katamari and Stubbs the Zombie.

Many of these titles have been heavily anticipated in Europe after gaining praise elsewhere, and a January that's been typically thin on the ground has left gamers with itching wallets, ready to buy anything. However, this coincidental release of several oddball titles in the same month could prove to be too much even for die-hard consumers--some of these games have seen poor sales in other territories and this may not help.

Fortunately they won't vanish from shelves at the end of the month, so Europe is in for a treat.

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