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Neuros MPEG-4 Recorder 2 reviewed

Marc Perton

Neuros had great timing when it released its second generation standalone MPEG-4 recorder last year. Not only is the Neuros 2 able to record video directly to Memory Sticks -- making PSP owners less dependent on costly UMD discs -- but it can also save files at a size that makes them easily usable on the iPod with video (though getting them on the iPod still requires a round trip through a computer). Reg Hardware got their hands on one of the recorders, and found it to be well worth its $150 price, pointing out that the cost is about the same as eight UMDs (or a few hours of TV from the iTunes Music Store). Reg Hardware also liked the device's ease of use and video quality, including its "near DVD" Super Fine setting which allows decent playback on a TV. The one downside: cropping and stretching quirks for videos saved at certain aspect ratios -- though Reg Hardware points out some good workarounds.

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