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New FFXII info: prepare for long gaming sessions [Update 1]

Ross Miller

GamersReports has picked up some info via a Japanese fan site for Final Fantasy XII that may aggravate some gamers. According to the site (translated for GR by Franker), players will have "no way to skip [the opening FMV] or any others in the game" - the opening FMV, by the way, is "a Xenosaga-length 17 minutes long" (for those who enjoy number crunching, that's 150% longer than most Adult Swim shows). So, let's hope that screw never screw up a major boss fight, unless we really want to hear his obnoxious, plot-revealing speech a half dozen times.

Speaking of saves, to exacerbate things just a little more, FFXII will also skimp on save points ("No more two and three save points per dungeon like in FFX") while still allowing the option to continue similar to Kingdom Hearts. The reason cited is "to add to the difficulty" of the game. However, any addition to the difficulty this sparse save philosophy will bring is merely artificial and headache-inducing - what about the RPG fans out there who do not have hours at a time to spare? A lot of gamers out there are burdened by other responsibilities (kids, a steady job, preparing for the impending monkey rebellion) and we cannot think of any reason why Square Enix would skimp on saves or disallow skipping cut scenes. Thoughts?

[Via Evil Avatar]

[Update: fixed the quote regarding the number of saves in dungeons - though now there's an implication of even less than two or three saves per dungeon - possibly none. Eek!]

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