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Samsung Yepp YP-T7J 1GB DAP reviewed

Evan Blass

The crack team over at PC Mag have reviewed Samsung's Yepp YP-T7J 1GB flash DAP, and although it gets a Very Good and praise for some added features over its YP-T7X predecessor, it also gets some knocks for eliminating certain niceties. PC Mag seems to like the new controls, which feature a four-way rocker as opposed to that tiny thumb joystick, but the 1.2-inch color screen remains an anemic 128 x 60 pixels. Props are also given for the addition of PlaysForSure support, but OGG, lossless, and Audible lovers are still out of luck, as are Mac owners, because the YP-T7J is no longer a USB mass storage device. More bad news comes in the form of battery life (under 13 hours) and the hobbled variable-speed playback (knocked down from 9-steps to 2), but in the end it seems that your ~$130--at the very least--gets you some solid playback, which probably trumps most of these nitpicks.

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