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T-Mobile's launching HSDPA network in Germany

Ryan Block , @ryan

We kind of wish their American counterparts would follow their lead (as usual), but today at Deutsche Telekom's 15th Internationales Presse Kolloquium, DT's wireless division (a little company called T-Mobile, you may have heard of them?) announced they're going to be introducing HSDPA into their domestic (i.e. German) networks at up to 1.8Mbps. Apparently their official launchwill be at CeBIT this year;they also introduced a €35 (about $40 US) or a Euro a day flat data rate, but it'll only apply to UMTS coverage, so don't plan on getting off that easily when it comes time to belly up to the bar for your HSDPA when you're kicking back in Berlin.

[Via The Unwired]

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