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Holy high definition?


Now that the football season is coming to a close, we must find a new source of reliable Sunday HDTV content. Well, there is always a higher power to look towards (no, not satellite). We're talking about the new $10 million Hope Community Church in Raleigh.

So why is the church your best option on Sunday and not a den of sin and iniquity like ESPNZone? Besides a cafe that serves Starbucks, there is also a game room with Xbox's and PS2's (I'm guessing that WWJD? doesn't cover those "who scores the flag?" situations in Halo). The three "giant" HDTV screens (no word on exact size or resolution, but we have our own ideas about divine inspiration) should definitely get the spirit moving within you.

We were going to baptize Ben there, but apparently 1080p falls under the definition of a false idol, so it may be best for us to stay away.

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