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iPod etiquette at the office

Scott McNulty

It must be a slow news day because everyone is writing about iPod etiquette. USA Today, America's newspaper with the highest concentration of pie charts, has some tips for using your iPod at the workplace. It seems that those white earbuds might signal to baby boomers (who I suppose are out of touch, judging from this article) that you are not working but rather listening to tunes and IMing your friends ('OMG!11!! iPodz rule. LOL').

So, when if you are going to risk listening to your iPod at work keep this handy tips in mind:

  • Always remove both earbuds when a co-worker is talking to you
  • never 'bob' your head or hum along
  • and my favorite: don't bring your iPod into a meeting
If you need these tips then perhaps you shouldn't have a job. I'm just saying.

[via Micro Persuasion]

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