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More PlayStation 3 info leaked?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Ok, now we have to admit that we're getting a little skeptical about that PlayStation Magazine Xbox Live-killer article leak a couple of days go. A second page appears to have made its way onto the PlayStation forums and has some very interesting details -- if a little disparate, unlikely, and even downright dubious. For example, besides a really obvious misspelling of "Blue-Ray Disc" in a headline, the article says making the PlayStation 3 a DVR with media PC-like functionality is a "top priority for Sony" -- even though right now we understand it's only slated to have an optional external hard drive attachment and doesn't appear to have video inputs. Also, you'll supposedly be able to control your PS3-DVR with your PSP, send files home to it remotely from your Memory Stick, and that the final hardware kits released to developers in January were even more powerful than originally anticipated. Wait, there's more: the PS3 will also have Location Free support and media streaming capabilities to counter the Xbox 360's Media Extender feature, and that unlike the 360 it'll be able to play back "all major audio and video formats," including media downloaded from an online service "like the iTunes Music Store." Ok, look, we're not saying this stuff isn't possible or isn't going to happen, but we do know that typically when you see leaked stories based on leaded info that spout off with this kind of pie in the sky exuberance and fantastical feature sets, it's often at least ever-so-slightly exaggerated (or at most an outright fake). We can't say either way, of course, but we'll supposedly find out this Spring when Sony launches, or at least this Fall when the PSM article quotes the PlayStation 3 is slated for launch in the US.

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