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Snooper Bowl II goes high-def

Kevin C. Tofel

Snoop Dogg's "Snoop Youth Football League" is not only taking youth football to the streets, it's taking youth sports to HDTV-land. Snoop and the younger crowd are participating in Snooper-Bowl II tomorrow at Detroit's Pontiac Silverdome and is officially sanctioned by the NFL this Super Bowl weekend. Snoop's goal is to raise over a million dollars for youth sports through events like these and he'll be kickin' it off with tomorrow's Snooper Bowl.

The youths will take on football players from the Detroit PAL All-Stars; sorry, but Barry Sanders isn't playing (that we know of). With the event taped in high-definition, just think: you can catch every bead of sweat from little Johnny Smith or Susie Jones! Why don't people want to upgrade to HD again? Seriously: best of luck with the event, Snoop and kids. The youths that play sports today often become the sports stars we see in HD later.

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