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HDBeat Podcast beta

Kevin C. Tofel

Many of you are already familiar with Ben Drawbaugh, our newest HDBeat blogger. Ben's jumped into the fracas with both feet here and we hope you're enjoying his posts. Ben also started a weekly podcast back in September with Warren Wiltshire as the co-host. In both a sad and happy way, we wanted to let you know that the "This Week in HD" podcast published the last episode this weekend, episode number twenty.

The ultra-cool news is that Ben and I will be relaunching the weekly show under the "HDBeat Podcast" moniker on February 17th! We'll let you quickly deduce the reason for that date. If you're interested in hearing the last TWIHD podcast, you can download it directly here. Ben and Warren invited me to guest on the show, so this will give you a feel for where we're headed with the "HDBeat Podcast". If you've got the time, give it a listen and post your feedback in our comments here. We want to hit the ground running with a great show right out of the gate, so hit us up with your thoughts after you hear TWIHD Episode #20, or what we like to call the "HDBeat Podcast beta .5" Watch for more info on how to subscribe, coming soon!

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