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Mac mini inside Classic Mac Update


Our own Dave Caolo Damien Barrett posted about a Mac mini stuffed into a Classic Mac SE/30's case last week, and a few new how-to's for this mod have since showed up.

I especially like the black "Mac Minitosh" version by Lee on found today by Eliot on hack a day. This black beauty uses a black wired apple laser optical mouse and a black keyboard (I would have used a compact hhk2 lite in black instead, that being my everyday keyboard of choice). Oh and don't worry, no Classic Macs were harmed in this example; the Mac Lee used was already dead.

If you would like more information about how to perform a hack like this yourself, check out these two Japanese sites. The first is a site Damien linked to before but which has since then been translated. The second link was submitted by TUAW reader Arlo:

[via hack a day]

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