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Microsoft's Gates weighs in on Revolution controller [Update 1]


Speaking with EGM, Bill Gates scoffed at the idea that Microsoft might have missed out by not being the first to develop a Nintendo Revolution-esque controller, "Holding two different things like that?"

Gates also questioned Nintendo's decision not to focus on graphics and reiterated the fact that the company has had difficulty breaking out of the young age bracket. He did applaud Nintendo for "[marching] to the beat of a different drummer," although Gates was quick to point out that this method has sometimes been "incredibly wrong."

UPDATE: The Gates interview appeared as a sidebar in EGM/1UP's Peter Moore interview, which Joystiq covered here, but went unnoticed. The recent rediscovery is noteworthy because it adds to the growing list of Microsoft pseudo-assaults on Nintendo's Revolution (see also: XBLA chief trash talks Sony and Nintendo's offerings) and suggests that Microsoft is afraid, on some level, that Nintendo could seriously cripple the 360's presence in the gaming market.

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