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My swanky Vaja iPod case


Back in December, I used some of my Christmas money to order an iPod case from Vaja, and today it finally arrived. I now believe in love at first sight.

It comes nicely packaged with some propaganda (flyers, stickers, etc.) that my 2 year old immediately claimed. I went with a hunter green for the front and a dark brown for the back, but there are literally dozens of color combinations available to choose from. The rear of the case is quite firm, with the logo printed on the interior. The front is soft but not squishy, and the iPod fits in beautifully. The hold button and headphone jack are exposed, as is the port on the bottom, so charging via the cable is no problem (though it won't fit in a dock while inside the case).

There's both a screen protector and a click wheel protector (the click wheel protector is optional) that a scratch-o-phobe like me appreciates. The wheel protector does require me to press a little more firmly on the click wheel itself, but not so much that it's a nuisance.

There are two styles of beltclip available, but I opted for no clip. I'm just as happy keeping it in a pocket, and it's now so well protected, that I don't have to worry about damaging it.

Overall, I really love it. The leather is quite nice, the construction is very good (it should be, it took 29 days), the fit is fantastic and the peace of mind that I won't scratch the daylights out of the screen is nice, too (especially when I try to resell it a few years from now). On the downside, I can't connect it to the Universal Dock or my Griffin RoadTrip while in the case, but I'm willing to live with that.

The Vaja i-Volution starts at $70US. More pictures after the jump.

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