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Breakfast Topic: Your worst PuG

Jennie Lees

We've probably all had bad pickup group experiences -- from the healer who thought he was a tank to the hunter who decided she could do just fine without her pet, some of them haunt us to this day. The Leeroy video is funny because it's true, after all...

Let's get it all off our chests today -- what's the worst PuG experience you've had? Even worse, was it your fault?

Probably the worst re-occurring PuG nightmare I run into is the kamikaze mage. She thinks she's invincible, she decides she wants all the mobs' attention on her, and as a druid I have to judge whether to keep her alive or try to get aggro myself. Neither usually works. I know I've been guilty of playing my class badly, especially when new to a class or rusty after playing others for a while, so I expect I've afforded as much amusement to others as these have to me.

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