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Intel's Ultra Mobile PC shipping this quarter?


TG Daily is reporting that Intel’s Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) platform is set to launch before April, or about 6-months (at least!) ahead of schedule. Yeah, we know it’s difficult to recall the UMPC amongst the clutter of Intel’s Core Duo and Viiv chatter. So just picture the OQO while drifting back to the 2005 IDF when Intel announced those bigger-than-your-pocket yet too-small-to-be-your-primary computers. TG Daily says Samsung, Asus and Founder will deliver the first UMPCs throwing down high-speed wireless (think EV-DO or HSDPA, not WiMax), GPS, and up to one week of standby time. Windows Vista-based UMPCs from LGE, Acer and Averatec will arrive sometime in the “second half” (read: December) of 2006. However, instead of sporting new ultra-low power Intel chips like originally announced, “sources” claim at least the first generation of products will run on a proven platform such as the Pentium M. If true, that certainly helps explain the early release, however, these devices aren't likely to flaunt the 8-hours of continuous battery-powered operation longed for by the untethered clock-puncher.

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