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iTunes Billion songs countdown

Scott McNulty

Apple is counting down to the one billionth download from the iTunes Music Store, and as is the tradition they are having a contest. The person that downloads the one billionth song (or video, sadly only paid songs get you into the contest) gets:

  • 1 20-inch iMac
  • 10 60 gig iPods (5 white and 5 black)
  • 1 $10,000 iTunes Music Card (in US dollars which is good for any kind of download).
Not only does the person who downloads the billionth item get some goodies, Apple will be creating a scholarship to a world renowned music school in the name of the person who wins. There is a word for that kind of contest, boys and girls, and that word is sweet!

But that's not all, starting at 950,100,000 Apple will be giving away the following for every 100,000th song:
  • a 4 gig black iPod nano
  • $100 iTunes Music Store card
No purchase is necessary, you can just fill out a form to enter (limited to 25 a day).

Thanks, Aaron.

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