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Little games done all growed up

Vladimir Cole

Daniel McNamara writes a short, but high-quality history lesson on the evolution of games from the arcade to the home market. The article explains the nostalgia-driven desire for the simpler games that still drives the gaming decisions of those of us who are old enough to have owned the original NES and Sega Genesis consoles.

As this is only part one of a five-part series on gaming, so we're betting that a subsequent article in the series takes the logical leap of asking--and maybe even answering--the question of whether the NES-generation's desire for simplicity will fuel success of the Nintendo Revolution console, due out later this year. Nintendo promises that the Revolution will be engineered for more user-friendly gaming and will be able to play the entire back-catalog of Nintendo games.

Will wistful gamers looking to recreate the spark of their gaming youth buy it for that reason?

[Image from John Sellers's guide to classic arcade titles.]

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