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Out with the old rumors, in with the new

Just after these things were all taken care of, here we go again with more completely unsubstantiated rumors. Found on a gaming forum (always a reliable source of information) the post goes on to say that an old "college roommate" hooked him up with some key details to the future of the Xbox 360. They are:

  • "Sometime around november 2006, MS is launching a complete media service on the marketplace. This will range from 99 cent songs, to 3.99 streaming movies."
  • "AT next E3, MS will announce a parternship with Blizzard that will bring World of Warcraft exclusively to 360."
  • "Halo 3 will be out before X'mas 2006. Exact words were Quarter 4 of 2006."
  • " There will be over 50 Sega dremcast games on the xbox live arcade within 2 years. Launched a handfull at a time, he said the first game will be Bonks adverture, which should be out in September 2006."
In a word: bullspit. The horrible grammar and spelling are enough to clue you in to the fact that this couldn't have been written by a college graduate (at least not an English-speaking one). Second big clue is that the seminal platformer, Bonk's Adventure, was not only not a Dreamcast game, but it wasn't even a Sega Genesis game. It was a Turbo-Grafx title! Some simple Google-action should have cleared that up.

Regardless of the veracity of the claims, do you think Microsoft should be exploring these options? I think WoW on the 360 would definitely be a killer-app.

[Thanks, The_Solidshadow]

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