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USB cuff links

Ryan Block, @ryan

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You'll want to take a peek Tonia Welter's USB cuff links not only because we here at Engadget encourage you to get a little dandy from time to time, but because this is the timeless kind of gadget you can actually pass down to your son or son-in-law on their wedding day without looking like a complete oldster (assuming, of course, USB is still around -- but these cuff links aren't new, from what we can tell). We don't actually know if these things have any memory or wireless capabilities or useful functions outside their holding those French-cuffed shirts of yours in place (you do have some French-cuffed shirts, right?), but since you can get USB memory in just about every other form under the sun, we think we'll just revel in their prodigality and leave it at that.

[Via Techie Diva]

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