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Apple products in the Engadget awards


Engadget has compiled their list of tech awards for 2005, as selected by the readers and Engadget editors. Categories ranged from "Gadget of the Year" to "Disappointment of the Year." Apple received six readers' choice awards (but no editors' picks, oddly enough). So, here's how Apple fared, as selected by Engadget readers:

  • Gadget of the Year: Apple iPod 5G (Editors' pick: Xbox 360)
  • Desktop of the Year: Apple Power Mac G5 Quad (Editors' pick: Sony RC series)
  • Laptop of the Year: Apple Powerbook 15" (Editors' pick: IBM Thinkpad Z)
  • Media PC of the Year: Apple iMac G5 with FrontRow (Editors' pick: Niveus Media K2)
  • Portable Audio Device of the Year: iPod nano (Editors' pick: iRiver U10)
  • Portable Video Device of the Year: Apple iPod 5G (Editors' pick: Cowon A2)
While not really an Apple product, Disappointment of the Year went to the Motorola ROKR E1. I whole-heartedly agree.

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