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Capcom turning profit as RE4 surpasses 3 million in sales

Ross Miller

It has been almost 13 months since Capcom released Resident Evil 4 essentially reinventing their once-muddled franchise by making a sequel that may surpass even the original, and certainly pulled off an incredible feat by becoming both a critical darling and a huge seller. In fact, according to Capcom, Resident Evil 4 sold over 3 million copies since its release - quite an amazing feat.

Of course, figures like that can only make Capcom smile from ear to ear, and here are some more numbers that are sure to perk them up: Capcom's net income was $62.7 million, which is a staggering 418% increase from its income in the year prior. While it may not have been EA's year of glory, at least one publisher can remember 2005 fondly.

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