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End of the line for Gizmondo Europe

Jennie Lees

We've followed the Gizmondo from the beginning, so it only seems right to see it through to its end. After filing for bankruptcy, Gizmondo UK has been ordered to liquidate by the High Court. As part of this, the liquidators will probably have to sell off the company's assets -- watch out, discount Gizmondos may be coming to market stalls near you.

The company is still continuing operations in the US, but this is hardly going to imbue buyers with confidence. Despite Gizmondo's failure so far, other portable gaming companies are still trying to make it big, but will they find the market too impermeable? Or was the Gizmondo simply aiming for the wrong niche, with the wrong timing? It's not impossible for new handheld devices to succeed, but it may require a stronger brand to create a third player in the portable market.

[via Engadget]

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