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Sony KDS-R60XBR1 is Engadget's Readers Choice

Kevin C. Tofel

The 2005 Engadget Awards are out and we quickly skipped past all of the uber-cool, but not so high-def devices until we found the Engadget HDTV of the year. Looks like there was a split on this one, but we can see why. The Engadget Readers voted the Sony KDS-R60XBR1 LCoS HDTV as the best high-def set of 2005. Several of our readers also like the 60-inch Sony so we can't argue with that pick. Engadget picked the Toshiba SED set and after personally viewing it at CES, we understand. The SED sets aren't available for consumers yet, and likely won't be until very late this year, so we're expecting to see the SED set top the list for the readers next year.

What HDTV sets would you consider as the top high-def TV for 2005?

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