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Tune in to Grammys to check out 18 $50k projectors

Matt Burns

Do you suffer from a common gadget or technology epidemic? No, not spending to much money on them, but rather watching a movie, or TV show, and knowing what phone/HDTV/camera/PDA/flat panel monitor the actors are using. We know we sure do. Well, let us add another product to your knowledge base and tell you when it's going to be use.

Christie's Roadster S 16K projector is going to be used tonight at the Grammys. This is a 3-chip DLP beast that is capable of projecting a 16,000 ANSI lumen picture at 1400x1050. It has 10-bit video processing with a user selectable contrast ratio of 1600-2000:1 and sells for more then $50,000.

CBS is going to use a total of 18 of these projectors tonight; ten alone will be used under the stage so people can literally walk on the picture. The last eight are going to be used to form a 180-degree circular screen. The images will be spliced together using ChristieTWIST Pro image warping and edge-blending solution.

CBS has the Grammys tonight in HD so if you want to see what 18 $50,000 projectors look like, tune it in. Plus, you will be able to annoy inform fellow watchers about what kind of projector is making the backgrounds.

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