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BenQ-Siemens goes Greek with the Venus, Hermes, Ulysses, & Cupid

Ryan Block, @ryan

Well, we've got just a taste of what to expect in the very near future from the Euro cellphonefest next week that is 3GSM. BenQ-Siemens apparently has got four (or more) new phones with namesakes of Greek lineage in the pipeline, clockwise from upper-left: the Venus C3's got external music playback buttons, as you can see, but we don't have any other firm details; the Hermes B is also slanted heavily toward music playback (on the entry level tip) with what appears to be top-facing audio playback buttons; the Ulysses B1 looks way too much like a Nokia 6020, but done right and with 3G; finally, the Cupid slider is more business oriented, apparently honed for ease of use and its simple, sober style. Expect to get some more hard detail on these guys next week.

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