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Original i-Tablet being sold on eBay


I don't know if I should be sharing this with you (because I kind of want it myself) but Joseph DeRuvo Jr.'s i-Tablet, built in 2004, is up for sale on eBay. If you don't remember, TUAW and Engadget covered the i-Tablet when it was released. Since 2004, the i-Tablet has become a sort of holy grail of mods for Apple fans. The i-Tablet is a modded iBook with a Troll Touch attached to the iBook screen which has been flipped and attached to the top surface. Extra firewire ports and a snazzy black leather cover have been added as well.

Apparently Mr. DeRuvo is revving up for a new project and needs to fund his compulsion for hardware hacking (wait, so do I, my Eastern European hackable electronics collection keeps growing) and therefore is selling the coveted i-Tablet. I guess I'll be seeing you in the eBay auction.

[thanks Joseph for emailing the hack a day tip line, posted here with Eliot's permission]

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