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Revol offers unlimited minutes for $47-a-month- with a catch

Evan Blass

So if you're the type who doesn't venture much from home, and you happen to live in Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, or one of the six biggest cities in Ohio, a new carrier has popped up called Revol ("Join the Revolution" is their desperate-to-sound-hip pitch) offering you unlimited minutes for $47-a-month. Now of course there are a few catches here, with the main one being that you have to stay within your coverage zone (a blob-like area centered around each city) to make a call, although for an extra $3/month you can extend your zone to anywhere Revol has "turf," as they call it. Your $47 also gets you handset replacement coverage (six available: two Motos and four Kyoceras) and unlimited text and picture messaging, but that's only among other "Revolutionaries" like yourself. To sum things up, we think that this is the best service we've ever seen - for people living in the northeastern Midwest United States who stay at home all day talking on the phone and have a PC to text and email with those folks unwilling or unable to join such this radical movement.

[Thanks, Anton]

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