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ThinkSecret: New Video iPod Coming

Damien Barrett

Thinksecret chimes in today with a rumor about something I've been thinking about for awhile now:  What's next for the iPod Video? Specifically, they claim to have confirmation that Apple is wrapping up development on a video-enabled iPod with a 3.5" touch-enabled color screen. One of the problems with a device with a 3.5" screen is, where do you put the controls. Apple's solution, if this rumor is true, is to put the controls on the screen itself. This rumor is in alignment with recent Apple patent filings for using gestures on a touch-screen.

If this is true, I'll buy this device without reservation. Like many, I've been waiting for an Apple PDA of some sort for years and a device like this might finally come close to what I'd expect Apple to release. Apple doesn't need to buy Palm, they just need to keep expanding the iPod as a device to tie together the different parts of our computing experience. An iPod video "tablet" would fit that bill nicely.

While I personally believe that Apple is definitely working on an upgrade to its video iPod and that this is likely the form factor, I don't believe it will ship in "late March or early April" as ThinkSecret suggests. I believe we won't see an upgrade to the iPod video line until September or October.

The picture above is a mockup, courtesy of Rainy Day Magazine.

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