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Auto-Focus, low-light functions coming to cameraphones

Marc Perton

Despite the fact that newer models have pumped up their megapixel count to respectable levels, most cameraphones still take pictures that make shots from a cardboard disposable camera look like they're from an SLR by comparison. But that's starting to change, and a few new technologies may actually make some of those pics worth looking at on more than just your phone's LCD. In one development, MagnaChip Semiconductor has released a new CMOS that the company says offers superior low-light performance at resolutions of up to 1.3 megapixels. Since most cameraphones lack flashes, better low-light shooting could mark a major improvement. Another advance comes courtesy of TransChip, which will demo a new system at 3GSM which the company says can perform autofocus and optical zoom tasks for cameraphones. According to the company, the system will enable 3x zoom, and autofocus using, among other technologies, the Johnson Electric's micromotor-driven NanoLens (pictured). Of course, none of this will help if you're not much of a photographer, but at least your bad pics will be in focus and well-lit.

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