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Poll: 63% of gamers to buy a DS lite in Japan [update1]

Dan Choi

Nintendo portable hardware revisions are perennial (or, was it... annual?) best sellers--especially in Japan--but now we have some poll numbers to show how popular the first DS redesign is proving to be.

Gamasutra breaks down the translated survey figures from Japan as follows: "63% overall spoke of their intentions to purchase the new hardware revision. 27% of the respondents already own a DS but say they will upgrade when the system is released, and 36% said they don't own a DS but the Lite version has convinced them to purchase one. Only 35% of those polled did not own a DS and had no plans to buy the system, in either variety."

There you have it, folks: the DS lite is gonna sell like hotcakes (or okonomiyaki, if that's what you prefer). Sure, a lot of people might already own DSes, but a smaller size, shiny new colors, and a wisely moved power switch can go a long way in increasing a system's appeal. Anyone here gonna buy a lite, and if so, do you already own a DS?

[Update: Here's the original translation. Thanks for the link, yamakiyo!]

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