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NBA & NFL are playing games with(out) my HDTV


It's another Sunday, I'm relaxing with a cold Dos Equis trying to watch more sports in high definition and again my HDTV is left wanting. Yeah theres the Olympics on NBC but seriously, there is no need to show an entire cross country ski race, even in 1080i. They don't show a whole marathon do they?

Much like two weeks ago, ABC played hot potato with their HD, the first game between the Spurs and Pacers was not in high definition, although the second game with Detroit at Miami was (btw Dwyane Wade is incredible). Both games came down to the wire, but the first could have been so much better.

And now, I'm (trying) to watch the Pro Bowl on ESPN, and it's SD?  What a joke. ESPN has two high definition channels going to waste if you're not going to broadcast the all star game properly, and in beautiful Hawaii. Must I remind people where one of the best HD shows (Lost) is filmed? At least the NBA will have that right, not only will they have the All-Star game in high definition on TNT, they'll even broadcast the practices (Saturday February 18 at noon) so crisply it'll feel like the coach is yelling at you.

Are they scared by NBC's glitchy Olympics coverage? I just don't get it. Somebody wake me when Grey's Anatomy starts.

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