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My iMac Core Duo's odd behavior


There are a few odd behaviors on my new iMac Core Duo that keep reappearing. One of the most noticeable has been a switch of the ColorSync profile of the machine to a non-native profile, followed by a complete inability to change the profile back or to create a new profile. I don't know if everyone with iMac Core Duos are experiencing this issue, if it is an odd bug brought on by my use of an external 24-inch Dell monitor as my main display and monitor spanning turned on, or if it's something brought on by the numerous Rosetta and Universal Binary programs I'm running. For all I know, it could be a side effect of playing World of Warcraft for hours on the machine.

In any case, the fix for the problem would seem to be to run OnyX or Cocktail, repair all permissions and flush all the caches on the machine. This returns the ColorSync profiles to their defaults and allows me the ability to switch between the different profiles. Anyone else seeing this problem with their Intel-based Macs? It seems to recur about once a week for me. Any other peculiar bits of recurring odd behavior that you have noticed?

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