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Olympus Evolt E-330 DSLR with Live View LCD previewed


The new E-330 Evolt DSLR from Olympus has a lot of pro photogs either drooling on or scoffing at its new Live View mode that lets you get live color previews of shots with your LCD instead of having to rely on the viewfinder. LetsGoDigital has a preview of the camera and they like what they see, especially the Live View mode which comes in two flavors: normal Live View and Macro Live View, the latter of which allows full manual focus control, 100% field of view, and the ability to enlarge sections of the displayed image by 10x. The 2.5-inch LCD also tilts up and down to allow better angels while shooting, so all that's left to find out now is how those 7.5 megapixel images turn out, but otherwise it looks like we have quite the feature-rich DSLR among us, with perks for both the pro and casual user.

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