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Twilight Princess gone 'til November [Update 1]


Nintendo has declined to update the release status of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess since announcing that the title would be delayed into 2006, but according to TVG, Best Buy recently informed pre-orderers that the game will not ship until November—at the earliest. Gulp.

If true, we can expect to see Twilight Princess debuting alongside the Nintendo Revolution, as many have speculated would be the case all along. A current-gen title the killer launch app for a next-gen console? Hey, if there's a company that's gonna pull it off, its name's Nintendo.

[Thanks silverSurfer]

UPDATE: Joystiq tipster, Tigidal, has sent us a copy of the Twilight Princess delay email notice sent to him by Best Buy Customer Care. We are currently awaiting confirmation of the delay from Nintendo...

Best Buy email notification
[Thanks Tigidal]

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