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UTStarcom intros MobileCard

Peter Rojas

It sounds a heck of a lot like Willcom's W-SIM technology, but UTStarcom claims that their new MobileCard (which they've developed with Tessera) is the world's first plug-in cellphone module. A MobileCard manages to cram all of a cellphone's radios and other "essential functions" into a package that's less than 3mm thick and about the size of two SIM cards that you can pop into a "shell" with a keypad, LCD, speakers, etc. No mention of which kind of wireless technology they've managed to squeeze into one these MobileCards (GSM seems more plausible than EV-DO), but the idea here is that these things'll make it easier for manufacturers to design and produce phones since all they'll have to do is create the shell and then insert one of these modules.

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