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Apple Store is back up with slightly faster Mac Book Pros

Scott McNulty

That was quick! The Apple Store is back up, and that's not all that is up. Apple has bumped up the available processors speeds on the Mac Book Pro. You can now upgrade the Mac Book to a 2.16GHz Core Duo, but only on the pricier version. The upgrade will cost you $300.

I guess Intel delivered faster processors sooner than they thought they could. See? This is why Apple is using Intel, however, if I had ordered a Mac Book Pro earlier I would be a little ticked off.

Thanks to all the commenters who saw this!

Update: It seems in the all the excitement I didn't notice that all models of the MacBook Pro got a speed bump. The 1.67 GHz is now sportin' a 1.83 GHz chip and the 1.83 GHz  is now starting at 2.0 GHz.  According to Apple, all orders will reflect the new speeds.

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