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Itoi releases Mother 3 theme, screenshots

Ross Miller

When Mother 3 information breaks, it floods. Very recently did we discover that Mother 3 does indeed exist, and now we know that it will be released in Japan on April 20th--that's only 65 days away. Now comes even more Mother 3 goodness, care of the franchise's mastermind, Shigesto Itoi. 4 "presents" have been posted (2 last week, 2 today) on his website, revealing the game's slogan ("Strange, Funny, & Heartrending"), theme (in mp3 format), and the first-ever screenshots from the long-awaited sequel!

Not a lot of information, but if the pattern continues we will have two more presents next Tuesday and every Tuesday after that until at least March 22nd., in their infinite generosity, have created an English version of the website for us to navigate.

Still no word on a release in the US...

[Thanks, JodyAnthony]

[Update: Learned to conjugate verbs.]

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