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Swanni's HDTV Grammy awards

Kevin C. Tofel

Phillip Swann is at it again, this time evaluating and passing judgment on the HDTV celebrity appearances at last week's Grammy awards on CBS. Swanni, did you hear the music in 5.1? Maybe I'm just upset because he's picking on one of my faves: Sheryl Crow. Anyway, here's Swanni's list with our commentary. We'd love your commentary too, but sorry; we can't offer you a Grammy for the best sounding one.

Worse in HDTV:

  • Sheryl Crow = C'mon, C'mon Swanni; she looks great at 44 years old!
  • Madonna = can't argue here. Strike an SD pose, girl.
  • Britney Spears = huh? You lost us here.
  • Alicia Keys = she looks OK in this pic from the 2005 Grammys.
  • Mick Jagger = Two out of five right isn't bad, but this one was a "gimmie".

Better in HDTV

  • Beyonce Knowles = can't argue with this.
  • Christina Aguilera = a little too much makeup for our tastes.
  • Mariah Carey = Widescreen is in, but really now...
  • Sting = Always looking hip, yet dapper.
  • Paul McCartney = Aging well and still a rocker.

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