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The Way of the Warrior


WoW Stratics has released their first iteration of Way of the Warrior. I have played warriors almost exclusively since release. In fact, I always play warriors in everything, from Diablo II's barbarian to LARPing as a fighter. Having played warriors in many different forms and in many different games, I really like warriors in WoW. They aren't the best interpretation of the fighter type that I have seen, but the importance of their role is undeniable. I prefer the fighter, not as a crowd-control tank, but as a class which can be relied upon to deal out good, reliable damage all day long. There is an element of that in WoW, but other classes do that so much better that warriors are not used in this capacity.

Well, Stratics' Way of the Warrior is a good guide for people just starting the class, and it has a few good builds, but it doesn't have much endgame usefulness. If you are interested in a detailed breakdown of the different warrior abilities and ideas for a few good builds, check it out.

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