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Don't copy that floppy!

"Don't Copy That Floppy" is an embarrassing relic of the early 90's; a time period so shameful, the 80's were comparatively modest and respectable. There was a formula for appealing to the youth market circa 1992: mix equal parts neon colors and clumsy rap. The combination of the two produced an intoxicating brew no 13-year could resist.

The video can be blamed on the Software Publishers Association, a trade association whose aims include anti-piracy efforts. For more info than you care to know about this stain on gaming history, check out the unsurprisingly informative Wikipedia entry. Here's a sampling, just a smidgen of what's in store for you throughout the ten minute video:

I'm your MC Double Def DP
That's the Disk Protector for you and the posse
That's your artists, writers, designers and pro-grammers
They pump up the images for games and gramma's that lets you learn, but also play
The games you came here for today
Now I know you love the game and that's alright to do
Because the posse who make them, they love them too
But if you start stealing, there's no more they can do

The entire video is embedded beneath the fold. Be warned: once you've seen it, you can't unsee it.

[Thanks, Revolution Fanboy]

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