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Falling Sand: The Sequel


"It's hard to describe, but very enjoyable. Kind of 'zen' in a way." Those are the words that Rocketboom's Amanda Congdon used to describe Falling Sand, a Java game that simulates falling streams of sand, water, oil and salt. We brought you news of this gem a few weeks ago when it was an online-only, Java-exclusive game. Owen Piette was one of the masses of people that became addicted to this version. But as programmers often do, he felt a couple of things could do with a tweak. Enter wxSand.

Created from scratch, wxSand can exist as a stand alone application. It also adds a few new features. For example, there's no fire tool (Owen felt it detracted from the "zen" atmosphere) and there's now an option to create a larger virtual sand box. I'd thank Owen, but I just lost 45 minutes of my day playing with little dots of virtual sand. So yeah, cheers Owen.

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