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YAASEH, or: Yet Another Apple Special Event Hoax

David Chartier

Apparently someone doesn't know how to enter our Create a Feb. 22 Apple Invite contest, as yet another Apple special event hoax launched this morning and was promptly debunked. This time around, the event involved Steve and Bono at the Moscone Center West in San Francisco, March 1st, and the invitation included the slogan "Together we can fight it." Speculation immediately predicted a red iPod to coincide with Bono's fight against AIDS and other diseases in Africa.

iLounge was the first site I saw reporting that Apple had confirmed the event a hoax. However, a lot of Apple-related sites had already reported on the news and speculation of the event. Once confirmation broke that the event was a hoax, some sites, like MacNN, promptly removed their original reports in favor of a new article covering the situation as a known fake.

TUAW wants to take this opportunity to let readers know that when we're wrong - we're wrong. We'll update the original post with new information and thank whoever helped us keep our facts straight.

So sit tight, re-freeze the credit cards and move along. There's no Apple Special Event to see here (yet). In the meantime though, why not take a shot at our fake Apple Invite contest? While we don't have a red iPod for the winner, we do have an Apple logo stainless travel mug with your name on it.

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