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A brief note on the Joystiq star system

Vladimir Cole

If you've noticed that some Joystiq commenters are now sporting stars on their lapels, springs in their steps, and big swinging Joysticks to match, then you might be wondering what's up.

It's pretty simple: Joystiq bloggers give readers a star for particularly good (insightful, funny, analytical) comments that add to the dialogue on Joystiq. We don't have to agree with you to give you a star. The star is simply a way for us to signal that your comments, in particular, were solid. It's also a good way for us to let newer visitors to the site know who's producing good comments so that they're modeling their behavior on the right role models.

Star commenters also earn a spot in the navigation, in the right-most column on the blog under the heading of "Joystiq Contributors."


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