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Film studios cut back on UMD titles

Ross Miller

In pre-Liberty City days, UMD movies were the shining star in the PSP library--in fact, at one point movies comprised almost 50% of all UMD sales. That success, however, has either not sustained or not increased enough to appease film studios. According to a report by Variety, key movie studios (Warner Home Video, Paramount, even Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) have announced that they will cut back on the number of films they release on the UMD format.

Many factors have contributed to this decision, most of all sales figures ("the average release posts sales closer to 40,000-50,000"). Other factors include the sheer number of different formats available and soon-to-be-released disc options (DVD, UMD, HD-DVD, and the Sony-backed Blu-ray) that will dilute the market. Another reason cited is the inability to view UMD movies on a TV--a problem, says SCEA, that will be soon remedied by a new PSP adaptor.

The article notes that comedies are doing well, especially collections like Chappelle's Show and Beavis & Butthead, but the weaker sales of dramas have led to the cancellation of a Goodfellas UMD. One of the problems we've noticed with UMD's are the lack of special features compared to their DVD brethren. How do you feel about UMD, and what would encourage you to buy more discs?

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